Why You Should Visit a Compounding Pharmacy

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Even though thousands of medicines are available on the market, some medical conditions do not have a mass-produced solution. Pharmaceutical companies may have discontinued certain medicines, or a patient has an allergy to an ingredient and needs customized medication for their doctors to treat them effectively.

For patients in the Lone Star State, this does not have to stop them from receiving the medicine they need. They can visit a compounding pharmacy in Texas and, with a prescription from their doctor, order compounded medicines. As a result, pharmacies that provide compounding services have eased the burden of patients looking for rare or non-existent medicine products.

What Is Compounding?

Pharmacies that provide drug-compounding services combine active ingredients to make special medicines for individual patients. Compounding involves at least two drugs that pharmacists combine, mix, or alter.

Compounded drugs do not have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means the organization did not verify its safety or effectiveness before production. Though an FDA approval is not necessary, patients must go to experienced and safe pharmacies that ensure the quality of its compounded products. Reliable compounding pharmacies have a sterile facility with the right equipment for measuring and handling active ingredients.

What Medicines Can the Patient Compound?

Patients can order compounds that do not have an FDA-approved equivalent on the market. Before they can request from their pharmacy, they need a prescription from their doctor. Some uses for compounding include cosmetics, veterinary, pain management, dental, sports medicine, and other medical needs that other medicines cannot treat.

Benefits of Compounding

Apart from the ability of compounded medicine to treat patients’ conditions, the Professional Compounding Centers of America lists several other benefits:

Medicines for Children

Parents and medical professionals may find it difficult to administer medicine to children. Pediatric compounding decreases the unpleasant experience of medicines by adding flavors, increasing the potency of medicine to decrease the dosage, or converting pills and tablet medicines into flavorful liquid forms.

Discontinued Medicines

Pharmaceutical companies can discontinue the production of medicines that are not financially profitable, in spite of the few patients who consume the drug. Compounding pharmacies mitigate this loss by recreating the drug in doses.

Allergy-Friendly Medication

Some medicines may already be on the market, but certain ingredients can trigger a patient’s allergies. These ingredients include lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten, and sugar. Compounding pharmacists remove the ingredient or, if necessary, adjust the formula to provide an alternative that does not induce allergic reactions.

Easier Medicine Application

Apart from children, other patients such as the elderly and (for veterinarians) pets, may refuse medication due to its taste and application. Medical professionals can order compounded medicine with flavor or change the dosage form. Instead of taking medicine orally, they could opt for topical medicine that seeps into the skin and into the bloodstream.

Compounded medicine provides more benefits for patients with special needs. With high-quality compounding services, patients can continue to receive the medication that works well for them.

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