Medication Services in Texas

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Boerne Drug Company is your most accessible and reliable partner in health. We offer comprehensive medication services to help you optimize your therapy. Your convenience, safety, and overall health are our top priorities.

Medication Adherence

Not all patients are comfortable with their medication or how they are delivered. For instance, a pill or tablet is too big or the taste is intolerable, which could result in poor adherence to therapy. We strive to make medication therapies as convenient as possible to all our patients.

Through our state-of-the-art compounding laboratory, we can prepare a wide array of medications to best suit your preferences.

Medication Synchronization

Our goal is to help you optimize your medication by aligning your prescription refills with us. To ensure that you don’t miss your meds, we will customize a refill and delivery program that’s convenient for you.

We’ll coordinate with your healthcare team and implement a med sync plan, so you only need to drop by our pharmacy to pick up all your prescriptions in a single, convenient day or have them delivered to your home or office.

Medication Therapy Management

Our medication therapy management (MTM) services are designed to help healthcare teams deliver the best possible therapeutic outcomes for each patient. This patient-centered program involves a pharmacist taking a proactive role in assessing all aspects of the medication therapy and customizing it to best suit the patient’s specific needs. This comprehensive approach also seeks to identify potential medication-related problems and solutions for each.

Long-Term Care Services

Our long-term medication services are ideal for patients with chronic conditions or long-term care facilities that need convenient access to specialty compounding and medication services. Our broad capabilities and cutting-edge laboratory allow us to serve communities in San Antonio, Leon Springs, Bandera, Comfort, Kerrville, and the Texas Hill Country.


At Boerne Drug Company, we go beyond compounding and dispensing medication. Our pharmacist is available to help you make informed choices. Through our private counseling service, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your medication and get the expert advice and support you need to better cope with the therapy.

Delivery Options

As your trusted partner in health, we offer flexible delivery options. You can opt for your prescriptions to be sent to your home or office. Our delivery service is free for all patients in Boerne and other parts of Texas.

Boerne Drug Company is the trusted compounding pharmacy in Texas. Visit us today or give us a call for more information.