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Understanding your medication is a critical first step to ensuring positive outcomes with your therapy. A part of this process is paying attention to when your doctor explains the prescription. At this point, your doctor will have already reviewed your complete medical history and that you’ve disclosed any previous allergic reactions to medicines and what other drugs or vitamins you’re taking.

You should also be aware of your responsibilities, as well as specific indications and possible side effects so that you know what to expect. But there are cases when you may forget certain details or instructions, especially if your therapy is complex.

To address this difficulty, Boerne Drug Company offers a drug database which contains detailed information, terminology, side effects, drug interactions, reviews, and warnings. The tool is designed to help you better understand your medicines and inform you of your options.

The tool though should not be your only basis for drug information. We highly advise that you discuss the safety and effectiveness of your medicines with your doctor or our pharmacist.

As your most accessible partner in health, we’re here to help you with your medication needs and concerns, whether it’s about compounded preparation for a pet or learning more about homeopathic nutraceuticals.

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