Compounding Pharmacy in Texas

Medication tailored just for you

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Boerne Drug Company is a compounding pharmacy serving Texas, namely communities in San Antonio, Leon Springs, Bandera, Comfort, Kerrville, and the Texas Hill Country. Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows our pharmacist Tiffany Richard and her team to customize medication to meet the specific needs of individual patients.

As a community pharmacy, our specialty compounding services are designed to help patients adhere to their medication as conveniently and comfortably as possible. We will work with you closely to know the exact dosage, strength, and delivery method that best suits your needs.

We also help physicians optimize their patients’ medication therapies, especially those that are no longer commercially available, allowing us to become an accessible member of their healthcare team.

Extensive Compounding Expertise

We coordinate with physicians and prepare exact formulations tailored to each patient’s needs. From the most common to the most complex, we offer extensive expertise in compounding.

As an accredited compounding pharmacy, we have access to a vast pool of resources to customize medicines that are not commercially available. We utilize cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive approach to provide efficient compounding solutions with precision and accuracy.

On top of your convenience and medication adherence, your safety is our priority. We are trained to personalize medications of premium quality through adherence to national standards and industry best practices.

As a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), our Texas compounding pharmacy has access to the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients to create compounded medications for all medical, dental, and veterinary requirements. Our membership also enables us to prepare customized prescriptions for Hormone Replacement Therapies.

  • Through compounding, we help address the following medication-related issues:
  • Excipient allergies or intolerance issues
  • Difficulty in certain drug delivery methods
  • Alternate drug release profiles
  • Patient adherence issues
  • Safety concerns
  • First pass and systemic dose effects

Private Counseling

To help patients optimize their health, we offer private counseling. Our pharmacist can provide support, education, and access to resources that will contribute to your overall health. We can coordinate with your physician to explore all options and ensure that you’re comfortable taking your medication.

Convenient Refill & Shipping Options

We strive to meet your compounding needs in a timely manner. Our services include a free delivery service for clients throughout Texas. If you live in the Texas Hill Country, you can arrange for a delivery option that’s most convenient for you.

Health Insurance

Some insurance companies make it difficult for patients to get coverage for specialty made drugs. We’ll make sure to provide you with the documents and guidance you need to reimburse compounded prescriptions.

Custom Medication for Optimum Health

Boerne Drug Company has the experience, facility, and professionals to deliver the best value in customized pharmacotherapeutic preparations. Drop by our compounding pharmacy in Boerne, Texas or or call today to schedule a convenient consultation with our pharmacist.