Why You Should Visit a Compounding Pharmacy

medicine rack

Even though thousands of medicines are available on the market, some medical conditions do not have a mass-produced solution. Pharmaceutical companies may have discontinued certain medicines, or a patient has an allergy to an ingredient and needs customized medication for their doctors to treat them effectively. For patients in the Lone Star State, this does
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Redefining Cancer Treatment: The Promising Benefits of Personalized Medicine

a doctor talking to a patient

Cancer treatment is evolving. Modern treatment for the condition goes beyond understanding where in the body the tumor started and how big it was during the time of diagnosis. In fact, more and more doctors are embracing personalized medicine to treat cancer patients. The new approach involves selecting effective treatments based on a doctor’s genetic
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The Right Medicine for You: Comparing Over-The-Counter and Compounding Pharmacies

Doctor and pharmacists checking on inventory

Finding the right type of medicine is easier when you find the right type of pharmacy. In Texas, over-the-counter pharmacies and compounding pharmacies can address medical issues in different ways. But what makes them different from each other? What Are Over-The-Counter Pharmacies? Over-the-counter pharmacies are the most common types of pharmacies in the country. They usually carry
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